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This is a writing journal where I post a lot of my fanfiction and some original work.

I claim no ownership to the original works my fanfictions are based on, nor do I claim any affiliation with their creators. The ideas and stories based upon the original works are my own intellectual property as are my own original works and are subject to copyright. No work posted here is considered entirely complete.
End Legalstuff!

Please comment in this journal if you want to be friends. If you just want to watch me and wait for a fanfic to be updated though that's cool too, though I have no illusions as to my own popularity...I know no one is actually reading this.

If you are here looking for something specific I recommend the Tags List. It's a handy tool. Or you can have a look at the MasterList below.


The Faerie Bond
Status - Complete
Since the night she ran the Labyrinth Sarah has lived a life relatively free of magic and the Fey. However, the Fair Folk are the only ones she finds she can turn to when the barren adult Sarah wants a baby. Can she trust the Fairies? Or is it all one big mistake?
[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4]

A Game of Kings
Status - In Progress
It's been several years since Sarah saved Toby from the Labyrinth. Or has it? Someone or something has attacked the Goblin Kingdom and brought Sarah back to the Realm of the Fey. Now Sarah must decide between going home and helping to save the Labyrinth.


Status - Complete
Sherlock draws crime scenes to relieve his boredom and practice his visual recall. He always draws himself into his pictures. One day he doodles in another figure and decides he likes it.
[One Shot]

The Legend of Dragoon

This Time Imperfect
Status - Hiatus
2,362 years after the destruction of the Moon That Never Sets the world of Endiness is again in dire peril. The Dragoon Spirits awaken to offer their aid, but is it enough to save a dying world?
[Prologue] [Chapter 1] [Chapter 2] [Chapter 3]

Here are the Communities I moderate:

[community profile] muse_prompts - A prompt community offering daily theme prompts.
[community profile] legendofdragoon - A musebox for the legend of dragoon.
[community profile] thistimeimperfect - A writing journal for the purpose of finding the voices of the characters of my magnum opus "This Time Imperfect".

Finally, here are other places on the internet where I can be found:

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