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Title: "Woman with a Sword
Fandom: Legend of Dragoon
Characters: Albert musing about Rose
Inspiration: Prompt - Woman with a sword
Wordcount: 300
Comments: Written for my Albert character journal

The first time I saw her in action she was saving my life. Not just her of course, Lavitz was there, along with the others: Dart, Shana, and Haschel. At the time I had been more concerned with the fact that one of my former council members was magically forcing my family’s heirloom out of my body where it had been hidden when I was a child. The process was quite painful, so I excuse myself the lapse in observational awareness at the time. In retrospect, however, I recall seeing her there.

She was beautiful.

I say this with all due respect to her, and the assurance to any who might read this that I was never attracted to Rose in any way. She was beautiful the way a symphony is beautiful, the way a masterwork painting is beautiful, the way a sword crafted by a master smith is beautiful.

She was quick and lithe; every movement she made was carefully calculated. No energy she exerted was wasted with unnecessary movements. Not like Dart. He was slower, more powerful yes, but sloppier as well. I would come to find that Rose’s entire being was a honed weapon. Her skill with the blade was remarkable, but she also had a sharp wit and a keen mind. She was an excellent tactician and she knew much of the world, even more so than I, though that was hardly surprising once she had revealed the truth of herself.

We were never close, she and I, but I find that I look back to her for inspiration now that she is gone. I sometimes think to myself: what would Rose say? What would she do? What insights might she have? And I find it helps, attempting to think the way she might have thought.


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