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Title: A More Permanent Destination
Fandom: Sherlock
Characters: John and Sherlock
Prompt: None
Word Count: 382
Rating: k+
Summary: John is waiting for Sherlock to come home...

A More Permanent Destination

“I may be on the side of the angels, but don’t think for one moment that I am one of them.”


48 hours after the fall John was sitting in his armchair at 221B Baker Street reading his paper and sipping tea. Everything was right with the world and for once there was peace and quiet.

Mere moments later a chill went down John’s spine and he sighed heavily. He folded up his newspaper and sat back in his chair, his eyes fixed on the chair across from him. An hour later he was still staring at the chair. Now however, the chair was staring back. Or rather, the unfathomably dark shadow that had taken form in the chair was staring back.

“Right then. Can you talk yet?”

The shadow opened a hole in the region of its head and out poured a cacophony of hellish noise. John winced and the shadow closed its mouth. John had the distinct impression that it was smirking.

“A simple yes might have sufficed. Tea?”

“No thank you,” rumbled the shadow. Gone were the lilting inflections of the baritone, replaced by a deep grating as of stone against stone.

“So what was that all about up on the roof then? You actually had me going for a moment with that ‘note’ business.”

The shadow shrugged one insignificant yet still elegant shoulder, “Just kidding around.”

“Please,” John snorted.

The shadow let out a long, put upon sigh, “Finishing up the ‘game’. Moriarty had a gunman on you this time.”

John snorted again, this time in amusement, “The semtex was a better chance.”

“Indeed. I can’t blame him for being so boring though. He was only Human after all.”

“So where have you been for the past two days? I find it hard to believe falling from a mere five stories took so much power out of you that you couldn’t reform earlier.”

“Oh, I was keeping a promise to our good friend Jim.”

John blinked, “What was that?”

Sherlock finally decided to materialize from the shadows, all six foot pale skin black hair blue eyes of him. He was smirking again.

“Why I promised him we would shake hands in Hell. He was rather surprised to see me.”


“I think I’ll take that tea now!”
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