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I'm trying to get my thoughts together. It's been more difficult than I'd thought it would be to get back into writing. So in an effort to organise my thoughts and really look at where I am I was going through my flash drive. I decided to make a list of everything on it and state whether it is discontinued or not. There is so much junk on here, the oldest stuff being my Final Fantasy fan fiction that is all from like 2006. It's actually older than that since I was writing a lot of it long hand during high school. Gosh.

So anyway, after going through all of my junk I've picked out what I need to continue working promptly, and what I will be working on once those are finished. After that, who knows, but there is a lot.

A Game of Kings - Labyrinth | In Progress
May Queen - Labyrinth | In Progress
This Time Imperfect - The Legend of Dragoon | In Progress

Demiurge - The Legend of Dragoon | Hiatus until TTI is complete
The Faerie King - Labyrinth | Hiatus until May Queen is complete
Glass Houses - FFVIII | Hiatus
Heart of the Wanderer - Vampire Hunter D | Hiatus
Chronicles of the Moon in the Modern Era - InuyashaXSailorMoon | Hiatus

Feathers - FFVII | Indefinite Hiatus
Silken - FFVII | Indefinite Hiatus
Gardens - FFVII | Working Title | Indefinite Hiatus
Ico Untitled - Ico | Indefinite Hiatus
In Another Life - Inuyasha | Indefinite Hiatus
IY Untitled - Inuyasha AU | Indefinite Hiatus
Antipodes - Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst | Indefinite Hiatus
Daughter of Redemption - Vampire Hunter D | Indefinite Hiatus
Pilgrimage of the Pallbearers - Silent Hill | Indefinite Hiatus

Where Plovers Cry - Inuyasha | Discontinued
Paradise Kiss - Kingdom Hearts | Discontinued
PSU Untitled - Phantasy Star Universe | Discontinued
RO Untitled - Ragnarok Online | Discontinued
SotC Untitled - Shadow of the Colossus | Discontinued
A More Permenant Destination - Sherlock AU | Discontinued
Pandora's Box - SherlockXHarry Potter | Discontinued
Sherlock Untitled - SherlockxSailorMoon Crack | Discontinued
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