May. 18th, 2012

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Title: "The Girl Who Came to Court"
Characters: Alzena
Inspiration: Thursday prompt "Tonight, tell us about something or someone mysterious." from [ profile] charloft.
Word Count: 150
Comments: There was a ton more to this, then I realised Thursday is a "drabbles" day. I was infinitely pleased because I didn't like where the third paragraph was going. Alzena is from my Legend of Dragoon fanfic (I will complete you one day my love).

No one ever had been quite sure where exactly the woman had come from. She had been brought to court by the old king when she was just twelve years old and made junior tactical advisor, much to the chagrin of the old general who was senior tactical advisor. With her jet black hair, snow white skin, and ice blue eyes the girl seemed more suited to have just stepped out of a fairy tale book than brought up from the midlands. There had been much speculation about here when she was presented to the court. She could not be, they decided, the child of commoners. Her bearing was too noble; her wit was too sharp, her mind was too learned. No common person, let alone a girl child, could have these qualities. And with a name like Alzena, many wondered if the girl was from their country at all.
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Title: Chiaroscuro
Fandom: Sherlock
Genre: General
Word Count: 2,038
Rating: K
Summary: Sherlock draws crime scenes to relieve his boredom and practice his visual recall. He always draws himself into his pictures. One day he doodles in another figure and decides he likes it.

From this prompt on [ profile] sherlockbbc_fic the sherlock kinkmeme.

Chiaroscuro )


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