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I'm trying to get my thoughts together. It's been more difficult than I'd thought it would be to get back into writing. So in an effort to organise my thoughts and really look at where I am I was going through my flash drive. I decided to make a list of everything on it and state whether it is discontinued or not. There is so much junk on here, the oldest stuff being my Final Fantasy fan fiction that is all from like 2006. It's actually older than that since I was writing a lot of it long hand during high school. Gosh.

So anyway, after going through all of my junk I've picked out what I need to continue working promptly, and what I will be working on once those are finished. After that, who knows, but there is a lot.

A Game of Kings - Labyrinth | In Progress
May Queen - Labyrinth | In Progress
This Time Imperfect - The Legend of Dragoon | In Progress

Demiurge - The Legend of Dragoon | Hiatus until TTI is complete
The Faerie King - Labyrinth | Hiatus until May Queen is complete
Glass Houses - FFVIII | Hiatus
Heart of the Wanderer - Vampire Hunter D | Hiatus
Chronicles of the Moon in the Modern Era - InuyashaXSailorMoon | Hiatus

Indefinite Hiatus and Discontinued writing projects )
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Also I'm back. Some puh-reeeeetty shitty things happened all at once least year, including my computer dying and taking with it some completed chapters of work which I thought I had backed up but did not. That was hardly the worst thing that happened though. Anywhoosits.

I'ma stick this here to refer to later.

001.Fast 002.Slow 003.Drink 004.Dark 005.Light
006.Sleep 007.Awake 008.Scent 009.Glass 010.Reflection
011.Food 012.Cold 013.Hot 014.Now 015.Never
016.Fear 017.Laughter 018.Naked 019.Shop 020.Music
021.Alone 022.Crowded 023.New 024.Old 025.Game
026.Run 027.Stay 028.Try 029.Want 030.Sold
031.Bruise 032.Technology 033.Connection 034.Pain 035.Celebrate
036.Discover 037.Gold 038.Silver 039.Slip 040.Luck
041.Cage 042.Scars 043.Last 044.Holiday 045.Strong
046.Water 047.Love 048.Beauty 049.Air 050.Normal
051.Death 052.Lost 053.Found 054.Animal 055.Smile
056.Learn 057.Work 058.Dream 059.Hunt 060.Fire
061.Cook 062.Wait 063.Fight 064.Reconcile 065.Paint
066.Money 067.Desire 068.Wooden 069.Kiss 070.Power
071.Phone 072.Time 073.Sight 074.Color 075.Stage
076.Apology 077.Help 078.Radio 079.Allergy 080.Photos
081.Family 082.Friends 083.Peace 084.War 085.Parent
086.Junk 087.Hobby 088.Art 089.Sex 090.Jewelry
091.Trap 092.Sun 093.Moon 094.Rain 095.Travel
096.Writer's Choice 097.Writer's Choice 098.Writer's Choice 099.Writer's Choice 100.Writer's Choice

I will probably be doing that for each of my This Time Imperfect characters so I need to keep it somewhere handy but I don't want to repost it in each of the journals. That's ten journals. That' tedious.

This is the 2013 Drabble Challenge from [community profile] musewrite
caersidydd: (Journal) changed the way login works yesterday and before I knew what I was doing I had created a whole new account thanks to Google taking over the internet and all. So now I'm not sure what to do, if I should begin posting my fanfics on my new account, the penname being CaerSidydd of which I have grown quite fond, or if I ought to stick with my ReisDular penname, of which I am also extremely fond.

I've tried switching around the emails, changing the caersidydd account's email to one of my dummy emails and the reisdular account's email to my main gmail email, so that the auto login will log me into my original account, but it doesn't work. Regardless of the change clicking to log in with gmail logs me into the CaerSidydd account every time. It's frustrating.

So now I have this decision to make and I've no idea what to do. I like the convenience of the one click log in. I like my original account. Anyone have any suggestions? I'd be much obliged.
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Oh, hey! Happy Beltane everyone! I had wanted my newest Labyrinth fic "May Queen" to be finished and ready for posting today and throughout the month of May, but I got ridiculously caught up in my newest fangirl obsession Sherlock along with some end of the school year stuff. I guess it'll get done when it gets done, but with the title being "May Queen" and with the events being initiated on Beltane I was really hoping that I'd be able to publish it this month. No such luck, I don't push myself hard enough. Shame.

Anyway, here's a list of some fics I'm working on in case there is anyone interested (highly doubtful). Also I just like making lists.

A Game of Kings - Labyrinth
May Queen - Labyrinth
The Faerie King - Labyrinth
A Road Less Traveled (working title) - Sherlock

I'm also working on some prompts for [ profile] sherlockbbc_fic because I became a damn fangirl.

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I think I've lost the flashdrive on which all my fanfics are stored. I do not know where it is. I am not freaking out because I know it's somewhere in the house, I don't generally take it out into the world, but this will (has) cause a major delay in fanfic posting.
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I've been creatively blocked for a long while. I can't even muster up the inspiration to draw anything, never mind writing. However, I sat down at my computer last night and opened up my Legend of Dragoon fanfic file, and it was like a block had disappeared from my mind. I edited chapter two and got rid of all the little bits I didn't like and rearranged some of the parts I was uncertain about and I was feeling really good. I moved on to chapter 3. Chapter 3 is a horrible mess and I'm going to have to start it from scratch. It's a segue chapter so its somewhat difficult. Important things happen but ultimately it's a Get from point A to point B chapter, so it's going to take some patience and some work. I hope I can get through it though and continue on.

I was looking through some of my comments on and there were a lot of people that really liked the story so I really want to finish it someday, because just from their comments I know it is good. I mean even the shitty unedited second chapter with all that history at the beginning got a favorable review about my having though out the story's history in great detail.

So here I go, time to work on my magnum opus.
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True story. Very true.
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I haven't been posting new prompts for [ profile] gaming_muses or making posts for [ profile] shinra_database as much as I should. I am sorry. The semester started off rocky and now I am trying to catch up with all my work. Please bear with me through this time, friends who are associated with those two communities.
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I just spoke to my grandmother. She didn't sound too good and said that she felt "numb". I'm really worried now. I was always really close to my grandmother until my sisters came down from New York some years ago and I got into some conflicts with their children which made me opt to stay away from my grandmother's house where they were all living. After that I didn't get to spend much time with her and even after they left I couldn't really get back into the habit of going to see her as often as I did. She's been in and out of the hospital lately and I tried to spend some time with her when I was kidnapped and taken home by my mother some weeks ago, but my mom started whining that I wasn't taking care of my dog because I was staying at my grandmother's. I don't know. I hope she'll be okay.

Anyway, if I'm not around or am otherwise unresponsive it's because I'm in a corner crying and/or pondering mortality, god, and the purpose of life.
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