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Title: Heart of the Wanderer
Chapter: An Uncommon Creature Chapter 1 Part 1
Fandom: Vampire Hunter D
Genre: Horror/Romance?
Word Count: 2,016
Pairing: D/OC (MAYBE)
Rating: At least T?
Disclaimer: Vampire Hunter D is property of Hideyuki Kikuchi, no profit is being made, no infringements are meant in a malicious manner.
Warning: It's horror so there might be some gore and uh...scary...things?
Summary: While traveling across the frontier D unexpectedly comes into contact with a female Dhampir whose human friend has been attacked by a noble. Uncertain as to her own complicity in the attack, she nevertheless begs D for his help in ascertaining the truth. Will D find the Vampire responsible, or will all signs point to Miranda? Who can say…

Notes: This story has gone through no less than ten different versions. This set up is the one I was most satisfied with. It's quite old so it may be better than some of the things I am writing currently because my skills have deteriorated over time. I don't know if I'll continue with this story since it's from my fangirl period which I have (unfortunately) sort of grown out of. It was originally intended to be a romance. I do like it, I just don't know what I'm going to do with it. :|

Also, I made an attempt to write it in a similar style to Hideyuki Kikuchi's own, because I am a fangirl. Yes.

An Uncommon Creature - Chapter I Part I )


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