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Who is your second in command? What makes them the one person you can always trust to have your back? How did they become your partner/sidekick? - [ profile] charloft

Title: TwinThink
Characters: Nissel
Wordcount: 237
Comments: Nissel is pronounced with a soft (hissing) 's'. Niselle is pronounced with a hard (z sounding) 's'. Also, the 'e' at the end of her name is silent.

Nissel and his older twin sister Niselle had been completely in sync from the day of their birth. There was nothing Niselle thought that Nissel did not also think. They often began and completed each other's sentences or spoke in unison. It unnerved people and the twins, who did it completely unconsciously, had always found that hilarious.

Now, Nissel had been playing second fiddle (or flute really but that is another story) to his twin sister all of his life, not that he minded at all. Few people understood their dynamic. His sister was the thinker. He was the doer. She told him where to go and he went. She told him what to do and he did. She started a fight, he finished it. An outsider might say that she used him, walked all over him, or didn’t appreciate him. They said these things out of ‘concern’ for him. He laughed in their faces. They didn’t know him, or his sister.

Niselle said jump and Nissel jumped. It was not because he had to but because he would have done it anyway.

Nissel had never felt in any way obligated to do something simply because Niselle had told him to do it. The truth was there was nothing that Niselle told him to do that Nissel wasn’t already planning on doing. She was simply their voice.

His life was easier this way. With Niselle by his side he never had to think anything through on his own. He wasn’t stupid. Both twins had been gifted with a kind of dry wit and a sharp tongue. Nissel simply preferred to hide his mental capabilities. If people thought he couldn’t think for himself, and by extension that Niselle could not protect herself on her own, they were already one step ahead of their enemies.
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Title: "We Will Dig"
Characters: Civa and Denartharion (also Grim)
Inspiration: I don't even know! Day dreaming I guess.
Word Count: I did not check
Comments: I was riding the bus on the way to METAPHYSICAL POETRY CLASS and this just randomly popped into my head. I'm pretty awesome that way I guess.

We will dig )


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