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Title: "The Armistice" and "Lies"
Characters: Richard Forenz and Adel Forenz
Inspiration: This weeks Thursday and Saturday prompts in [ profile] charloft.
Word Count: 124 and 100
Comments: I thought since Richard and Garrett (aka Adel) are two sides to the same war it would be nice to post these two responses together since I happened to use them both this week. Completely unplanned, but you know what Bob Ross says, happy accidents (or in this case coincidences).

The Armistice

I never knew a world before war. I was born into the war and I inherited it from my father when he died. I have seen people, my people, in times of truce. They go about their lives as though braced for the war to begin again. I wonder: is that how I look to them as well? Was there once a time when people walked freely, without the worry of war over their heads? I do not know. I never saw it. Trite proverbs have little meaning for me. I would give nothing up to go back. I am their king. I can only forge forward. And one day perhaps we will have peace, but for now I thank God for the armistice.


A lie was what he lived now. What he had been living since he had taken the throne. He lied to his subjects every day. If only they knew what was going on behind the throne, would they care? Would they revolt? Did they love their king enough? Everyone on his council lied to him when they called him king. Alzena lied to him. Somehow he did not fault her for her lies. Somehow, his guilt had let all of this come to pass: the lying, the subterfuge, the power that had been taken from him. He cared no longer.


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